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Merlin believes in preventative environmental management, acknowledging uncertaintiy and preemptively identifying risks before they become issues. Our core philosophy is to contribute to sustainable resource development and provide cost-effective environmental management. Merlin's environmental professionals focus on delivering innovative solutions that exceed the needs of our clients.

Our Services

The Merlin compliance team specializes in helping resource development companies minimize their environmental impact and reclamation expenses. Our team has extensive experience coordinating and managing oil and gas projects.

Regulatory Approvals & Permitting

We work with our clients to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and permits.

Compliance & Auditing

Merlin can help you track regulatory management and perform audits.

Environmental Impact Management

Merlin can help you manage environmental impacts during project construction.

Water Management

Our team is well trained in water management and local regulations.

Management Plans

Merlin can work with you to develop comprehensive management plans, including risk assessments.


We can help develop innovative reclamation strategies that not only minimize cost but also environmental impact.

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